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Reiki always triggers interest from people. It is very appealing that someone can heal and relief others only with their hands. The simplicity and ease of practicing and learning Reiki are what makes it so unique.

This Japanese technique is simple, but some points must be considered to get the results as expected. Reiki works extraordinarily on the body, mind, and spirit.

A Reiki session

A Reiki session starts by asking you to wear comfortable and light clothes because during 45 minutes you will be lying on a small bed in an atmosphere of repose. Afterward, you will be asked to keep your eyes closed to achieve a level of active relaxation, i.e., gain body stability without reaching a deep sleep where you do not have the attention on what goes around, as is often the case with other techniques.

At the end of a session, the person will feel peace and relief throughout his body.

The great thing about Reiki is that it is possible to reach such a high point of relaxation that it does not matter if there is noise on the outside. While you experience more Reiki sessions, you will get better levels of self-control.

Throughout the process, the master performs twelve hand positions over the body. Before beginning, the teacher places his hands in the “gassho” position (palms of the hands together in a vertical manner) to balance the energy. Then, it begins the first pass over the body with the hands without touching it. He just places his hands above the body, leaving a short distance for the transmission of energy, and moving them from the head to the feet, seeks to rebalance the seven points or chakras that the body has.

During therapy, the person can stay upright all the time if he or she wants to, or if it is someone with back problems, a senior or a pregnant woman. Others have the option to lay face down.

Reiki masters do not always perform their sessions in the same way, but the result is the same for all people who visit them.

In the end, the person will feel peace and relief throughout his body. The reunion with oneself will provide well-being during the following days, but it is recommended not to abandon the sessions and continue their practice. According to Reiki principles, all power comes from within, and nobody should miss the opportunity to experience such state of total fulfillment.

What can we solve with Reiki?

There are specific Reiki techniques to treat insomnia, indigestion, obesity, depression, stress, infertility, among other common problems. The master just needs to learn the particular movements to apply them on the body of the visitor.

There are also practices for food and water to enhance their benefits for our body, as well as for plants, whose goal is to stay healthy, bright and stress-free. Not many know that plants also suffer from this condition when experiencing adverse circumstances.

The animals found at home are also candidates to participate in Reiki sessions.

Reiki in animals

Many people see their pets as important members of their family, which is why they always seek their welfare. The nature of Reiki makes possible to apply the technique to our faithful companions without any negative consequences that endanger their life.

The sessions of Reiki with animals are not different from those made for humans since both have similar chakras. As in the case of people, performing Reiki on animals can help when it has some illness or when shows an unusual behavior derived from stress, such as nervousness or aggressiveness towards others.

At the end of the session, you will be able to observe the animal in a complete state of harmony, and the changes will be remarkable.

Reiki for Beginners Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:21:54 +0000

First, it is important to understand that Reiki is not a religion or that only a select group of people with particular beliefs, tastes, preferences or that belong to a specific group can practice. It should also be clear that this Japanese technique does not have a leader with an unreachable status where only a few can be candidates to reach the maximum level as we see in religions, sects, etc.

For Reiki, we all are equal, because the basis of everything is the universal energy. No one is superior to another, and no one has more privileges or opportunities than others. Integral healing is the only and firm goal that you want to achieve, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

There is the possibility of learning Reiki from your home through complete guides.

The first thing a Reiki apprentice needs to get into the method is to purify its energy channels through sessions where they will work on the seven energy points or chakras that may get blocked for different reasons. A concern, anxiety, anguish, resentment, illness, or anything else that is interfering with our peace, must be eradicated with Reiki.

If you want to start, it is not necessary to go to a session to do this. There is the possibility of learning Reiki from your home through complete guides that step by step will tell you what to do. It is not complicated or require previous knowledge; you just have to be willing to learn and let the energy flow in your body.

It is recommended to start, perform a routine every day in total peace and silence. But if circumstances do not allow it, as you accumulate hours of practice it will be possible to have Reiki sessions with external noise. The body and the mind are in such state of relax and self-control that it will not be necessary to find an entirely silent place. So there should be no problem if you live in a busy place or the middle of the city.

Teaching Reiki is divided into three degrees or levels, so the duration of the courses is very flexible, as each person goes at his own pace. It only takes 12-18 hours on average to learn the first level, something straightforward to achieve, but the perfection of movements and positions depends on each person. It is recommended not to be in a hurry when practicing. The repeated execution of the exercises and the gradual preparation will provide the expected healing results.

Starting the first level of Reiki can bring several benefits like the harmonization and opening of the heart chakra, the adjustment of the throat chakra and the activation of the third eye. Also, the opening of the crown chakra to give a path to the universal energy and the reactivation of the two smaller chakras located in the hands, to transmit the energy through this area.

Once the person realizes he achieved the first level and that already dominates the techniques of such level, he is ready to begin his second level of Reiki, where he can do healing from a distance. That is, the person learns to replace body-to-body contact by a mental connection when it is impossible to be physically present.

Learning Reiki is not an intellectual exercise but is developed merely with practice. The whole family can learn Reiki to heal themselves, or better yet, mutually, at the same time as it creates a culture of well-being and strong bonds that enhance the union. Healthy living habits can also propagate through each family member by choosing better activities and showing more successful behaviors.

The Fundamentals of Reiki Healing Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:19:08 +0000

In Reiki, everything moves through energy and all of us are energy. The principle of this technique is the existence of an emitter that through the hands, transmits vital energy to a receiver with some disease, discomfort or illness. Because it only uses universal energy, Reiki is also practical for animals and plants.

The foundations of Reiki, state that the Chakras are part of the balance and harmony of our body. They are seven and are in the head, the face, throat, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, and the genital area.

The Chakras are part of the balance and harmony of our body.

For Reiki, if one or several chakras are not well, blocked or do not have a synchronization, the body will suffer producing diseases, illnesses, and disorders that will gradually weaken and absorb energy, so it is necessary to direct the vital energy correctly and unlock the chakras to enhance the healing process.

Working with the mental health, that is, the control center of our body is indispensable to balance other areas and stay healthy. Some of the phrases applied in Reiki that relate to the fundamentals of healing are: “Seek peace for your mind, and you will gain health for your body.” Or the most popular: Just for today, do not get angry, do not worry, give thanks, work honestly, be kind.

Anger and rage will only attract negative energy that can accumulate in the interior of a person, allowing the creation of health problems. Destructive emotions lead to self-harm or violence against others. Hurting the people around us is not the right path to healing. Reiki will help us to breathe calmly, to reassure ourselves and turn our anger into understanding, intelligent action and maturity.

The concern is not the solution to our problems, but the work. We do not say that this state of restlessness is wrong and should not appear in any situation, but we must always remember that what we think is where our energy is, and where our energy is our life is. Thinking about failures, problems, superficial things or created ideas will fill our minds with elements that we do not need.

Being grateful for what we have, will make us better human beings, which is what Reiki wants to achieve in each one of us. Humility and generosity will open those doors that egoism or pride would not allow us.

Working honestly and earning a living by being professional and human is part of everyone who performs Reiki. It is a balance between what we offer and what we ask in return.

Kindness to others regardless if they are always the same way to us is a quality that very few have. Reiki helps to generate that peace and inner harmony that will help us to avoid losing the control at the first provocation. Violence breeds violence, and the world no longer needs to feed on it.

Achieving results with Reiki is not difficult, but often, humans complicate even more challenging situations by giving false solutions, ignoring advice, giving priority to unimportant things and seeking only our benefit leaving behind the core human values.

Reiki is falling in love with life and yourself and starting with this, only involves a desire to change our lives and let the life energy surprise us.

What is a Reiki Master? Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:16:26 +0000

A Reiki Master is an ordinary person, in fact, anyone who wants to practice Reiki. While drinking in a coffee shop or walking down the street, we may have visual or verbal contact with a Reiki master without realizing it, as he does not stand out for wearing a particular outfit or draw attention with some accessory or image during a typical day.

What is common is that you will see him wearing very comfortable clothes and without any metallic accessories when doing sessions, as he wants the energy flowing smoothly without any obstacles.

“A Reiki master always shares his knowledge without reserving any information”.

These people became teachers based on experience, dedication and applicating the method, not with thorough study, exams or titles. So it’s simply something we could all aspire to achieve. We simply must be willing to integrate and merge with the energy of the universe, reach a balance and have the will to offer our help to others, although the latter is achieved effortlessly once involved in the world of Reiki, which by nature seeks the universal welfare.

For a Reiki master, love is the healing energy that will help him to direct the energy properly so that it becomes beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. A teacher is also known as a guide, but should not be confused with a guru or spiritual guide.

When a teacher or guide teaches the first level of Reiki to an apprentice, he encourages a physical change of the novice, as the body is the recipient of the spirit. The master cleanses the energy channels of the beginner, so they have the pureness necessary to transmit it to another person.

At the second level, he adds the mental-emotional symbol that unites the vital energy with the energy of the water, which produces changes in the way of seeing and feeling life.

Finally, on the third level, the apprentice can already be a Reiki master with the ability to start others.

A Reiki master always shares his knowledge without reserving any information to preserve his status or personal recognition. It does not criticize or judge those who ask for help for any problem, but advises, supports and teaches to heal. In short, a Reiki master helps change lives.

Despite this great responsibility, a teacher should not feel superior to the rest of the people. When you find the true essence that we are all beings full of energy that someday we will return to the source from which we came, selfishness, materialism, and pride, do not fit in your thoughts or your way of seeing life.

All this does not mean that being a teacher of Reiki is synonymous of achieving perfection or changing your usual life since it is impossible to renounce to the human condition of being imperfect by nature. But you will get peace of mind and integral well-being that will turn you into positive energy, happy and motivated to be better every day.

Reiki tries to improve the lives of all by a simple method. There are very expensive or challenging courses where not everyone has the money, the time and the talent to achieve the objectives. With Reiki, you do not need to have a lot of money; nor a high intellectual level or mental concentration, or a doctorate to start healing. This technique will enrich you as people and bring you the peace that we have erroneously sought elsewhere without results.

Real Reiki cases Wed, 06 Dec 2017 23:12:49 +0000

Reiki heals people, and there is no doubt about it. Thousands of cases around the world prove the efficacy of this procedure to treat discomforts, diseases, and disorders with the use of the energy of the universe.

If you still doubt about this method or need a boost to begin, the following real testimonials will help you make a decision that will positively change your life.

Case # 1 – Dr. Adrian Petre, Romania.

“I am a doctor with 30 years of service. I met a 22-year-old woman who had developed a 7 cm cyst on her right ovary that caused her a lot of pain, making her movements impossible and causing very alarming hemorrhages. Before going to conventional medicine, I started a Reiki session to calm her down, and after an hour and a half, she told me that the numb sensation had disappeared. He no longer complained of pain. I offered her two more sessions in later days, and when she went to her ultrasound to check the condition of the cyst, she called me to say very excitedly and surprised that it had completely disappeared. It has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. ”

Case # 2 – Carol Martin

“I was 14 years old, and I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia. I tried acupuncture and other alternative healing techniques, and they helped me successfully, but not to the extent of Reiki, which made my health to improve to a level that nobody believed. Besides controlling my conditions, it relaxed me and kept my emotions under control. ”

Case # 3 – Gerri Delmont

“My niece was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which is a type of cancer in some parts of the immune system, and was told that she would receive eight sessions of chemotherapy every two weeks. She had the chemotherapy sessions while I was doing Reiki from a distance. We all know that these exposures weaken and drop hair, but when the doctors saw her on the fourth application, they were surprised that my niece still had hair. Now she is receiving radiation, and she is very well. Reiki is something that is real and works, and you will not lose anything to try. Just like us, you could get surprised and have incredible results. ”

Case # 4. Phran Gacher.

“I offered free Reiki sessions to the director of an assisted therapy center that days earlier had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. After three times, his medical tests showed a total cure. I am honored to have been part of his healing. I will never give up Reiki.”