In Reiki, everything moves through energy and all of us are energy. The principle of this technique is the existence of an emitter that through the hands, transmits vital energy to a receiver with some disease, discomfort or illness. Because it only uses universal energy, Reiki is also practical for animals and plants.

The foundations of Reiki, state that the Chakras are part of the balance and harmony of our body. They are seven and are in the head, the face, throat, chest, diaphragm, abdomen, and the genital area.

The Chakras are part of the balance and harmony of our body.

For Reiki, if one or several chakras are not well, blocked or do not have a synchronization, the body will suffer producing diseases, illnesses, and disorders that will gradually weaken and absorb energy, so it is necessary to direct the vital energy correctly and unlock the chakras to enhance the healing process.

Working with the mental health, that is, the control center of our body is indispensable to balance other areas and stay healthy. Some of the phrases applied in Reiki that relate to the fundamentals of healing are: “Seek peace for your mind, and you will gain health for your body.” Or the most popular: Just for today, do not get angry, do not worry, give thanks, work honestly, be kind.

Anger and rage will only attract negative energy that can accumulate in the interior of a person, allowing the creation of health problems. Destructive emotions lead to self-harm or violence against others. Hurting the people around us is not the right path to healing. Reiki will help us to breathe calmly, to reassure ourselves and turn our anger into understanding, intelligent action and maturity.

The concern is not the solution to our problems, but the work. We do not say that this state of restlessness is wrong and should not appear in any situation, but we must always remember that what we think is where our energy is, and where our energy is our life is. Thinking about failures, problems, superficial things or created ideas will fill our minds with elements that we do not need.

Being grateful for what we have, will make us better human beings, which is what Reiki wants to achieve in each one of us. Humility and generosity will open those doors that egoism or pride would not allow us.

Working honestly and earning a living by being professional and human is part of everyone who performs Reiki. It is a balance between what we offer and what we ask in return.

Kindness to others regardless if they are always the same way to us is a quality that very few have. Reiki helps to generate that peace and inner harmony that will help us to avoid losing the control at the first provocation. Violence breeds violence, and the world no longer needs to feed on it.

Achieving results with Reiki is not difficult, but often, humans complicate even more challenging situations by giving false solutions, ignoring advice, giving priority to unimportant things and seeking only our benefit leaving behind the core human values.

Reiki is falling in love with life and yourself and starting with this, only involves a desire to change our lives and let the life energy surprise us.