Reiki always triggers interest from people. It is very appealing that someone can heal and relief others only with their hands. The simplicity and ease of practicing and learning Reiki are what makes it so unique.

This Japanese technique is simple, but some points must be considered to get the results as expected. Reiki works extraordinarily on the body, mind, and spirit.

A Reiki session

A Reiki session starts by asking you to wear comfortable and light clothes because during 45 minutes you will be lying on a small bed in an atmosphere of repose. Afterward, you will be asked to keep your eyes closed to achieve a level of active relaxation, i.e., gain body stability without reaching a deep sleep where you do not have the attention on what goes around, as is often the case with other techniques.

At the end of a session, the person will feel peace and relief throughout his body.

The great thing about Reiki is that it is possible to reach such a high point of relaxation that it does not matter if there is noise on the outside. While you experience more Reiki sessions, you will get better levels of self-control.

Throughout the process, the master performs twelve hand positions over the body. Before beginning, the teacher places his hands in the “gassho” position (palms of the hands together in a vertical manner) to balance the energy. Then, it begins the first pass over the body with the hands without touching it. He just places his hands above the body, leaving a short distance for the transmission of energy, and moving them from the head to the feet, seeks to rebalance the seven points or chakras that the body has.

During therapy, the person can stay upright all the time if he or she wants to, or if it is someone with back problems, a senior or a pregnant woman. Others have the option to lay face down.

Reiki masters do not always perform their sessions in the same way, but the result is the same for all people who visit them.

In the end, the person will feel peace and relief throughout his body. The reunion with oneself will provide well-being during the following days, but it is recommended not to abandon the sessions and continue their practice. According to Reiki principles, all power comes from within, and nobody should miss the opportunity to experience such state of total fulfillment.

What can we solve with Reiki?

There are specific Reiki techniques to treat insomnia, indigestion, obesity, depression, stress, infertility, among other common problems. The master just needs to learn the particular movements to apply them on the body of the visitor.

There are also practices for food and water to enhance their benefits for our body, as well as for plants, whose goal is to stay healthy, bright and stress-free. Not many know that plants also suffer from this condition when experiencing adverse circumstances.

The animals found at home are also candidates to participate in Reiki sessions.

Reiki in animals

Many people see their pets as important members of their family, which is why they always seek their welfare. The nature of Reiki makes possible to apply the technique to our faithful companions without any negative consequences that endanger their life.

The sessions of Reiki with animals are not different from those made for humans since both have similar chakras. As in the case of people, performing Reiki on animals can help when it has some illness or when shows an unusual behavior derived from stress, such as nervousness or aggressiveness towards others.

At the end of the session, you will be able to observe the animal in a complete state of harmony, and the changes will be remarkable.