How to Learn Reiki?

by | Dec 7, 2017

Some people may believe that only experienced monks, spiritualists, or senior leaders who deal with natural and alternative healing methods can learn Reiki. Some others imagine sacred sites full of divine figures and that complicated rituals which require much preparation are carried out. Perhaps this is part of some other healing techniques, but not Reiki.

Reiki can be learned by anyone since it does not depend on an IQ, religion or particular knowledge, deep meditation or something similar. If you have a good mood most of the time and a positive mentality, you will be able to apply the techniques of the method with the right energy.

The wider the community of Reiki practitioners, the more people will be full and happy.

The time that takes a person to learn Reiki is very brief. It only requires some observation and practice to dominate the technique, but some choose to learn about its history and the symbologies used in its practices and specific procedures for different conditions, thus obtaining a wider knowledge of this method of healing.

Reiki for Beginners
How does Reiki work?
Fundamentals of Reiki Healing
What is a Reiki Master?

At first, exercises may seem insignificant or strange, but when you understand the power of the vital energy, you will be surprised to see all you can achieve. It is important to practice the movements and positions, of the hands and body repeatedly to perform the proper rituals. First-time Reiki practitioners claim to feel the energy in their hands after several days of sessions.

Teaching Reiki involves a teacher and a student, and we do not mean lessons and a chalkboard, but to a process in which the main chakras are opened to create a strong bond between the master and his student. This act demonstrates that energy is powerful, and it is what moves the world in sync with the universe. An active channeling of energy will always attract positive results.

The synchronization includes Reiki guides and other elements that help to complement the process with its vital energy. Some guides and students share their experiences and testimonies regarding their improved life after Reiki, as well as abilities gained through increased psychic sensitivity, such as the opening of the third eye, greater intuition and better levels of harmonization.

When we say that anyone can learn Reiki, it means that you, your partner, your teenage son or grandfather, can do it. An option to start in the technique is to visit a Reiki teacher who gives healing sessions in the area where you live. But it is important that you verify through testimony, the success stories you have created. We do not rule out the possible existence of people who are not prepared or committed to helping people but to generate money.

The second option and the most recommended by us is the acquisition of materials that will show you the complete steps to learn at home. Some manuals only teach the first level, but you can easily get complete packages that include all levels of Reiki to become a teacher and be someone with a broad knowledge that solves all the doubts that may arise personally or to those who do not know about the topic.

With the knowledge of Reiki, each person can apply the exercises for self-healing, and of course, can help all members of his family in case of any illness or discomfort. If your child has insomnia, if your partner has a lot of stress, or if you feel pain somewhere in your body, Reiki can heal you. When the results are clear, your circle of friends and family will most likely want to learn to help others. The wider the community of Reiki practitioners, the more people will be full and happy.