First, it is important to understand that Reiki is not a religion or that only a select group of people with particular beliefs, tastes, preferences or that belong to a specific group can practice. It should also be clear that this Japanese technique does not have a leader with an unreachable status where only a few can be candidates to reach the maximum level as we see in religions, sects, etc.

For Reiki, we all are equal, because the basis of everything is the universal energy. No one is superior to another, and no one has more privileges or opportunities than others. Integral healing is the only and firm goal that you want to achieve, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

There is the possibility of learning Reiki from your home through complete guides.

The first thing a Reiki apprentice needs to get into the method is to purify its energy channels through sessions where they will work on the seven energy points or chakras that may get blocked for different reasons. A concern, anxiety, anguish, resentment, illness, or anything else that is interfering with our peace, must be eradicated with Reiki.

If you want to start, it is not necessary to go to a session to do this. There is the possibility of learning Reiki from your home through complete guides that step by step will tell you what to do. It is not complicated or require previous knowledge; you just have to be willing to learn and let the energy flow in your body.

It is recommended to start, perform a routine every day in total peace and silence. But if circumstances do not allow it, as you accumulate hours of practice it will be possible to have Reiki sessions with external noise. The body and the mind are in such state of relax and self-control that it will not be necessary to find an entirely silent place. So there should be no problem if you live in a busy place or the middle of the city.

Teaching Reiki is divided into three degrees or levels, so the duration of the courses is very flexible, as each person goes at his own pace. It only takes 12-18 hours on average to learn the first level, something straightforward to achieve, but the perfection of movements and positions depends on each person. It is recommended not to be in a hurry when practicing. The repeated execution of the exercises and the gradual preparation will provide the expected healing results.

Starting the first level of Reiki can bring several benefits like the harmonization and opening of the heart chakra, the adjustment of the throat chakra and the activation of the third eye. Also, the opening of the crown chakra to give a path to the universal energy and the reactivation of the two smaller chakras located in the hands, to transmit the energy through this area.

Once the person realizes he achieved the first level and that already dominates the techniques of such level, he is ready to begin his second level of Reiki, where he can do healing from a distance. That is, the person learns to replace body-to-body contact by a mental connection when it is impossible to be physically present.

Learning Reiki is not an intellectual exercise but is developed merely with practice. The whole family can learn Reiki to heal themselves, or better yet, mutually, at the same time as it creates a culture of well-being and strong bonds that enhance the union. Healthy living habits can also propagate through each family member by choosing better activities and showing more successful behaviors.