A Reiki Master is an ordinary person, in fact, anyone who wants to practice Reiki. While drinking in a coffee shop or walking down the street, we may have visual or verbal contact with a Reiki master without realizing it, as he does not stand out for wearing a particular outfit or draw attention with some accessory or image during a typical day.

What is common is that you will see him wearing very comfortable clothes and without any metallic accessories when doing sessions, as he wants the energy flowing smoothly without any obstacles.

“A Reiki master always shares his knowledge without reserving any information”.

These people became teachers based on experience, dedication and applicating the method, not with thorough study, exams or titles. So it’s simply something we could all aspire to achieve. We simply must be willing to integrate and merge with the energy of the universe, reach a balance and have the will to offer our help to others, although the latter is achieved effortlessly once involved in the world of Reiki, which by nature seeks the universal welfare.

For a Reiki master, love is the healing energy that will help him to direct the energy properly so that it becomes beneficial for your body, mind, and spirit. A teacher is also known as a guide, but should not be confused with a guru or spiritual guide.

When a teacher or guide teaches the first level of Reiki to an apprentice, he encourages a physical change of the novice, as the body is the recipient of the spirit. The master cleanses the energy channels of the beginner, so they have the pureness necessary to transmit it to another person.

At the second level, he adds the mental-emotional symbol that unites the vital energy with the energy of the water, which produces changes in the way of seeing and feeling life.

Finally, on the third level, the apprentice can already be a Reiki master with the ability to start others.

A Reiki master always shares his knowledge without reserving any information to preserve his status or personal recognition. It does not criticize or judge those who ask for help for any problem, but advises, supports and teaches to heal. In short, a Reiki master helps change lives.

Despite this great responsibility, a teacher should not feel superior to the rest of the people. When you find the true essence that we are all beings full of energy that someday we will return to the source from which we came, selfishness, materialism, and pride, do not fit in your thoughts or your way of seeing life.

All this does not mean that being a teacher of Reiki is synonymous of achieving perfection or changing your usual life since it is impossible to renounce to the human condition of being imperfect by nature. But you will get peace of mind and integral well-being that will turn you into positive energy, happy and motivated to be better every day.

Reiki tries to improve the lives of all by a simple method. There are very expensive or challenging courses where not everyone has the money, the time and the talent to achieve the objectives. With Reiki, you do not need to have a lot of money; nor a high intellectual level or mental concentration, or a doctorate to start healing. This technique will enrich you as people and bring you the peace that we have erroneously sought elsewhere without results.